Integrated Processor

To EndoFresh™ Disposable Endoscopes

Camera System


  • All-in-one design

    Camera System is an integrated and compact processor to EndoFresh™ Disposable Endoscopes. It is featured with multi functions including image/video capture and recording(Optional), auxiliary water supply, lens wash and suction, etc.

  • Easy to setup

    Remove EndoFresh™ Disposable Endoscope from the sterile package, connect it to EndoFresh™ Camera System, and it's well set for the endoscopy procedure. Once the procedure is complete, Camera System XZING-S2 can be easily cleaned and disinfected with germicidal wipes.

Camera System Station Solution

Camera System Station Solution is an integrated disposable endoscopy solution. It consists of the medical monitor, Camera System , and other peripheral devices for endoscopic observation, diagnosis and treatment, which in addition to offers temporary storage and hanging EndoFresh™ disposable endoscope for emergency use.

Ideal for use in various settings

  • Hospitals


  • Outpatient Endoscopy


  • ERs/Urgent Care


  • Ward

    (Bedside treatment)

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Items EndoFresh Camera System
Model XZING-S1/S2
Power Rate 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Dimensions(W x H x D) 375 x 160 x 430 mm
Weight 10.5 KG
Lens wash function 5 Levels Control
Auxiliary water supply function 5 Levels Control
Suction function 5 Levels Control
Digital output USB; DVI: 1920 x 1080p
Recording format JPG; MP4