Company Profile

Born in 2014, we are headquartered in Shenzhen Science Park, one of the most dynamic and well-known innovation centers in China. Following the development of our R&D center in 2015, we have been dedicating ourselves in research, design, and manufacture of Digital Disposable Endoscopes. In 2017, our first generation of GI Digital Disposable Endoscope was launched, soon receiving the CE mark same year in September. In 2020, our second generation products received FDA 510(k) clearance and became available in the U.S.

EndoFresh® is the brand name of our Digital flexible Disposable Endoscopes. Our current products include single-use Colonoscope and Upper GI Endoscope.

Who we serve

EndoFresh® Digestive Endoscopy System is designed for diagnostic and treatment purposes of upper (esophagus, stomach, and duodenum) and lower (anus, rectum, colon and ileocecal segment) GI tracts. It is ideal for use in various inpatient and outpatient settings such as Hospitals, Endoscopy Centers, ERs, Urgent Care Centers, and ICUs etc.

For patients in need of a GI tract diagnosis and treatment, especially those with infectious diseases, Endofresh® Digestive Endoscopy System is a preferable option to both patients and physicians, due to its sterile, disposable design to minimize the risk of contact transmission.

For physicians, interested in collaboratively recreating the "disposable syringes" history, Endofresh™ Digestive Endoscopy System awaits your relentless scrutiny and rigorous clinical testing. With reasonable confidence, we believe this system will meet your requirements of state-of-the-art design, excellent maneuverability, and clinically satisfactory outcomes.

For Hospitals and Endoscopy Centers wishing to embrace advanced technologies for more safe, efficient, and economically sound operations, Endofresh® Digestive Endoscopy System can serve and prove to be a reliable and comprehensive alternative to your current system and reusable devices.

  • Certificates

    CE Mark for Disposable GI Endoscopy, Disposable Colonoscope and Camera System.

  • Certificates

    ISO 13485 Certificate for Sterile Disposable Endoscope and Camera System

  • Certificates

    FDA 510(k) clearance for EndoFresh™ Disposable Endoscope and Camera System